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16 . Which one of the following regions of India is not connected to the Integrated Power Transmission Grid ‘National Grid’ synchronously?
A. Northern region
B. Eastern region
C. North-Eastern region
Southern region

17 . Which one of the following Service Organisations is the subsidiary of the National Civil Aviation India Limited (Air India)?
A. Alliance Air
B. Air India Charters Limited
C. Inter Globe Aviation Limited
D. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

18 . Which one of the following statements is incorrect?
A. Power generation capacity addition during the XI Plan would be about 74000 MW
B. In its mid-term review, the Planning Commission had reduced power generation capacity addition target by over 20% to 62374 MW, from 78577 MW
C. During the X Plan 21080 MW was added against the target of 41000 MW
D. ‘Bachat Lamp Yojana’ was launched with incandescent bulbs are replaced by energy efficient CFL’s bulbs in the country. This will result in a saving of 5000 MW of power

19 . Which of the following is used for the measurement of distribution of income?
A. Laffer Curve
B. Engel’s Law
C. Gini-Lorenz Curve
D. Philip Curve

20 . Select the correct answer about the Indian states in Health-Sector
A. Kerala is the best performer in term of life expectancy at birth (both male and female) in last decade
B. Madhya Pradesh the worst in terms of life expectancy at birth (both male and female) in last five years
C. The highest birth rate in India is found in Goa
D. Both the statements given in ‘a’ and ‘b’ are correct