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56 . The annual yield from which of the following Union Government taxes is the highest?
A. Custom duties
B. Corporation tax and income tax
C. Inheritance tax, wealth tax, interest tax and gift tax
D. Excise duties

57 . Reserve Bank of India was nationalized in the year
A. 1935 B. 1945
C. 1949 D. 1969

58 . Fiscal deficit in the Union Budget means
the difference between current expenditure and current revenue
B. net increase in Union Governments borrowings from the Reserve Bank of India
C. the sum of budgetary deficit and net increase in internal and external borrowings
D. the sum of monetized deficit and budgetary deficit

59 . Notes on which denomination has the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi printed on them?
A. 1000 rupee B. 500 rupee
C. 100 rupee D. All of the above

60 . Devaluation of currency will be more beneficial if
A. prices of domestic goods remain constant
B. prices of exports remain constant
prices of imports remains constant
D. prices of exports rise proportionately