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21 . Which of the following decreases group cohesiveness?
A. Large group size
B. Frequency of interaction
C. Agreement on group goals
D. All of the above

22 . Managers subscribing to ______ assumptions attempt to structure, control and closely supervise their employees.
A. Theory ‘X’
B. Theory ‘Y’
C. Both Theory ‘X’ and Theory ‘Y'
D. Neither Theory ‘X’ nor Theory ‘Y’

23 . According to Fiedler’s Contingency Model of Leadership, which one of the following is a situational variable?
A. Organisational System
B. Degree of task structure
C. Leader’s position power
D. Leader – Member relationship

24 . The right sequence of steps in Kurt Lewin’s change procedure is
A. Unfreezing – Freezing – Moving
B. Moving – Unfreezing – Freezing
C. Freezing – Moving – Unfreezing
D. Unfreezing – Moving – Freezing

25 . Which of the following is not a traditional method of organisational development?
A. Managerial grid B. Survey feedback
C. Sensitivity training D. Process consultation