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16 . ‘First come last go and last come first go’ is the principle of
A. Retrenchment B. Dismissal
C. Closure D. Lay-off

17 . Which of the following is not a peculiarity of labour market?
A. Worker can sell not only his own labour but also the labour of his fellow workers.
B. The number of buyers is less than the number of sellers.
C. Labour market is normally local in nature.
D. Labour is less mobile.

18 . Which one of the following is not a characteristic feature of Indian labour force?
A. Lack of mobility
B. Homogeneous in nature
C. Low degree of unionization rate
D. High rate of absenteeism and labour turnover

19 . Which of the following is not a type of wage differentials?
A. Social B. Industrial
C. Geographical D. Occupational

20 . The Concepts of Wages like Minimum Wage, Fair Wage and Living Wages were given by
A. Adarkar Committee
B. Committee on Fair Wages
C. Royal Commission on Labour
D. First National Commission on Labour