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6 . Physiographically, which one of the following areas is not included in Dry temperate - Alpine High Lands?
A. Major parts of Lahul - Spiti
B. Pangi
C. Kinnaur
D. Bhattiyat Valley of District Chamba

7 . River Beas doesn't flow through the district
A. Kullu B. Bilaspur
C. Mandi D. Kangra

8 . As per the 2011 census, which one of the following facts is not true in respect of H.P.?
A. The total population of the state is 68,64,602.
B. Density of population is 123 persons.
C. The highest population density is in Hamirpur District.
D. The decennial growth rate is 14.3% during 2001-2011.

9 . Himachal Pradesh is termed as 'Horticultural State of India' due to the production of
A. Mango B. Apple
C. Citrus Fruits D. Hops

10 . What is the density of motorable roads per 100 sq. Km of area in HP as stood at the end of 2014-15?
A. 63.08 Km B. 65.25 Km
C. 68.80 Km D. 66.04 Km