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1 . Which one among the following places receives the lowest rainfall?
A. Banikhet B. Chail
C. Kaza D. Tissa

2 . Himachal Pradesh came into being on 15th April, 1948 and had four districts. At that time which one among the following districts was not the part of Himachal?
A. Chamba B. Mahasu
C. Sirmour D. Bilaspur

3 . In 1951, HP became a part 'C' state under a Governer. At that time what was the number of MLAs in the Legislative Assembly?
A. 32 B. 36
C. 28 D. 38

4 . When Himachal Road Transport Corporation(HRTC) was set up?
A. 2nd October, 1974 B. 2nd October, 1972
C. 2nd November, 1974 D. 2nd November, 1972

5 . As per the data provided by Economics and statistics dept. for the year 2014-15, which one of the following fact is not true in respect of H.P.?
A. The strenght of Legislative Assembly of H.P. is 68.
B. To the Union Legislature, H.P. is represented by 4 members to Lok Sabha and 3 members to Rajya Sabha.
C. The Himachal has got a High Court located at Shimla and Public Service Commission located at Hamirpur.
D. There are five Government Universities in the Pradesh.