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6 . Which is the highest dam in India ?
A. Bhakra Dam
B. Tehri Dam 
C. Lakhwar Dam D. Idukki Arch Dam

7 . Which is the largest Mosque in India ?
A. Jama Masjid B. Moti Masjid
C. Moth Ki Mosque D. None of these

8 . Which is the longest road in India ?
A. Cuttack to Chennai
B. Hajira to Kolkata
C. Pathankot to Samakhiali
D. Grand Trunk Road 

9 . Which Indian state is having longest coastline ?
A. Gujarat B. Madhya Pradesh
C. Bihar D. Andhra Pradesh

10 . Which is Largest railway route in India ?
A. Faridabad–Agra
B. Mumbai–Pune
C. Pune-Mumbai
D. Dibrugarh in Assam to Kannyakumari in Tamil Nadu.