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36 . The energy that can harness heat stored below the earth's surface is known as-
A. Thermal energy B. Nuclear energy
C. Tidal energy D. Geo-thermal energy

37 . In the context of alternative sources of energy, ethanol as a viable bio-fuel can be obtained from-
A. Potato B. Rice
C. Sugarcane D. Wheat

38 . The highest grade and best quality coal is-
A. Lignite B. Anthracite
C. Bituminous D. Peat

39 . Which one among the following food crops is not categorized under 'millets'?
A. Ragi B. Wheat
C. Bajra D. Jowar

40 . Which of the following was the earliest plantation crop is introduced in India?
A. Tea B. Rubber
C. Indigo D. Coffee