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381 . Which of the following structures of a plant is responsible for transpiration?
A. Root B. Bark
C. Xylem D. Stomata

382 . The pure form of carbon is -
A. Graphite B. Charcoal 
C. Diamond D. Fullerence

383 . Sodium stearate is a salt and is used
A. In Paint 
B. In gunpowder
C. To make Soap 
D. To make fertilizer 

384 . The complete digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats occurs in
A. Liver B. Stomach 
C. Small Intestine D. Large Intestine

385 . Metal used to make wires for safety fuses must have
A. low resistivity and low melting point
B. high resistivity and high melting point
C. high resistivity and low melting point
D. very low resistivity and high melting point