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376 . Nitric oxide pollution can lead to all of the following, except -
A. silicosis in human
B. leaf spotting in plants
C. bronchitis-related respiratory problems in human
D. production of corrosive gases through photochemical reaction

377 . Which method of water purification does not kill microorganism?
A. Boiling B. Filtration
C. Chlorination D. UV-irradiation

378 . Among the following animals, choose the one having three pairs of legs.
A. Bug B. Mite
C. Spider D. Scorpion

379 . Which of the following are the two main constituents of granite?
A. Iron and silica
B. Iron and silver
C. Silica and aluminium
D. Iron oxide and potassium

380 . Two strands of DNA are held together by -
A. covalent bonds
B. hydrogen bonds
C. electrostatic force
D. van der Waals' forces