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366 . Stains Of rust on clothes can be removed by -
A. H2O2 B. Petrol
C. Alcohol  D. Oxalic acid

367 . Which of the following is the most dangerous pollutant?
A. Nitrous oxide B. Carbon dioxide
C. Sulphur dioxide D. Carbon monoxide

368 . Which of the following is the major component of ecosystem?
A. Biotic B. Abiotic
C. Energy D. All of the above

369 . From which of the following endocrine glands is GTH secreted?
A. Adrenal gland
B. Pituitary gland 
C. Thyroid gland
D. Islets of Langerhans in pancreas

370 . Combustion is the process in which
A. No heat is produced 
B. No light is produced 
C. Only heat is produced
D. Heat and light are produced