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16 . In the leaf of tobacco which of the following is found-
A. Capsicin B. Cholcechen
C. Nicoten D. Asperin

17 . Rubber is commonly got from-
A. Castilla elastica B. Michelia Champaca
C. Ficus elastica D. Hevea brasiliensis

18 . Pulse are rich in protein because of-
A. Insectivorous habit
B. Requiring high dose of nitrogen fertilizer
C. Rhizobium
D. Green manuring

19 . The stimulant present in Tea is -
A. Tannin B. Nicotine
C. Coffeine D. Codeine

20 . An important product obtained from styles and stigma is-
A. Saffron B. Asafoetida
C. Fennel D. Turmeric