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21 . The problem of thermal pollution can be alleviated by using
A. Cooling ponds
B. Cooling towers
C. More efficient electricity generating plants
D. All the above

22 . According to Recycled Plastics (Manufacture and Usage) Rules 1999, the minimum thickness of carry bags shall not be less than
A. 10 microns B. 20 microns
C. 30 microns D. 50 microns

23 . Which one of the following is not an energy recovery method of solid waste management?
A. Pelletisation B. Biomethanation
C. Pyrolysis D. Composting

24 . The colour code of the container for collection of waste scrap generated from Hospitals is
A. Red B. Blue
C. White D. Green

25 . In India, an Environment Impact Assessment report of a proposed mining project after environmental clearance is applicable for a maximal period of how many years?
A. 5 years B. 10 years
C. 30 years D. 2 years