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16 . Ocean-Grabbing and Ocean-Encroachment are associated with
A. Hijacking of ships by pirates
B. Big fishing concern
C. Oil drilling on the shores
D. Oil spilling

17 . Which of the following types of coal contains higher percentage of volatile matter?
A. Peat B. Lignite
C. Bituminous D. Anthracite

18 . Carbon dioxide evolved from soil mainly comes from
A. Root respiration
B. Soil animals respiration
C. Microbial respiration
D. All the above

19 . Which one of the following pesticides persists for a long period in soil?
A. Lindane B. Parathion
C. Carbaryl D. Monocrotophos

20 . Organic matter (OM) content of soil can be calculated from organic carbon (OC) by using the formula
A. OM (%) = OC (%) × 1.427
B. OM (%) = OC (%) × 1.724
C. OM (%) = OC (%) × 1.247
D. OM (%) = OC (%) × 1.472