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11 . Identify the pair (element-health effect) which is correctly matched:
A. Lead – Methaemoglobinemia
B. Arsenic – Kidney damage
C. Mercury – Nervous disorder
D. PAN – Hypoxemia

12 . Preparation of hazard-zoning map in case of landslide prone regions involves comprehensive investigation of
A. Details of structural and lithological settings.
B. Geomorphic features relating to instability of slopes.
C. Seismicity pattern of the region.
D. All of the above.

13 . Human activities add 7-9 gigatons of CO2 per annum into the atmosphere. Major contributor to this CO2 is
A. Burning of fossil fuels
B. Clearing of forests for agriculture
C. Fermentation industries
D. Cement industries

14 . According to WHO, maximum permissible level of chlorides in drinking water is
A. 100 mg/L B. 200 mg/L
C. 600 mg/L D. 800 mg/L

15 . The self purifying capacity of water is unable to purify the water, the reason is:
A. When concentration of suspended particles organic and inorganic substances increases it becomes polluted.
B. When concentration of dissolved substances gets increased it becomes polluted.
C. When the organic matter increased it becomes polluted.
D. When the inorganic matter increases it becomes polluted and unfit for use.