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6 . Which one of the following statement is not correct about the Sargasso Sea?
A. There is no mixing of the water of the Sargasso Sea with the remaining water of the North Atlantic Ocean.
B. The Sargasso Sea plays a major role in the migration of the European eel and the American eel.
C. The Sargasso Sea records the lowest salinity of North Atlantic Ocean.
D. This Sea is covered with rootless sea weeds.

7 . Rio+20 summit was held in
A. Durban B. Johannesburg
C. Rio de Janeiro D. Cancun

8 . Which of the following BOD level waste water is permitted to be released inlands by industries under water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974?
A. 30 mg B. 80 mg
C. 100 mg D. 150 mg

9 . Which one of the following is a non-formal environment education and awareness programme?
A. Environmental appreciation courses.
B. Environmental Management Business Studies.
C. National Environment Awareness Campaign.
D. Environmental Education in school system.

10 . Which of the following oxides of nitrogen is the major air pollutant released from automobile exhausts?
A. NO B. N2O
C. NO2 D. N2O3