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1 . Which among the following is not required for the formation of Photochemical smog?
A. Oxygen B. Oxide of Nitrogen
C. Carbon Monoxide D. Sun light

2 . The Nairobi Convention is for protection, management and development of which of the following?
A. Marine environment
B. Desert Biomes
C. Coastal and Inland wetlands
D. Arctic and Antarctic

3 . Consider the following regarding Black Carbon (BC):
A. It is commonly known as soot.
B. It is a solid particle or aerosol.
C. 25% to 35% of BC in the global atmosphere comes from India and China.
D. All of the above

4 . An expert committee report “Drowning a valley: Destroying a civilization” is related to which dam project?
A. Sardar Sarovar Dam
B. Hirakud Dam
C. Alamatti
D. Nagarjuna Sagar Dam

5 . Which bird has been voted as United Kingdom’s first national bird?
A. Barn owl
B. Robin flies
C. Blackbird
D. Bald eagle