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76 . DCCBs stands for
A. Danish Credit Cooperative Bank
B. Dane Creative Cooperative Band
C. District Central Cooperative Banks
D. Director of Central Cooperative Bank

77 . SCARDBs stands for
A. State Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Banks 
B. State Cooperative and Rural Development Banks
C. State Credit and Rural Development Banks
D. State Credit and Rural Data Bank 

78 . ______________ is regarded as the father of Cooperation in England.
A. C.R.Fay B. Robert Owen 
C. F.W. Raiffeisen D. Dr. William King

79 . The ____________ is the largest cooperative enterprise in England.
A. Rochdale Society
B. Cooperative Retails Society
C. Cooperative Wholesale Society
D. Scottish Cooperative Wholesale Society

80 . The first consumers’ society which was established in 1866 in Denmark was the result of the efforts of _________________.
A. Dr. Ulkrik B. Pastor Soune
C. Sir Horace Plunkett D. None of the above