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1 . Who is regarded as father of modern chemistry ?
A. Einstein B. Lavoisier
C. Ruterford D. C.V. Raman

2 . Which is not a type of elements ?
A. Metals B. Gases
C. Metalloids D. Non Metals

3 . Which acid is present in lemon ?
A. citric acid B. lactic acid
C. marlic acid D. tartaric acid

4 . Identify the wrong statement in the following
A. Amongst isoelectronic species, greater the negative charge on the anion, larger is the ionic radius
B. Amongst isoelectronic species, smaller the positive charge on the cation, smaller is the ionic radius
C. Atomic radius of the elements increases as one moves down the first group of the periodic table
D. Atomic radius of the elements decreases as one moves across from left to right in the 2nd period

5 . Rare gases are
A. di atomic B. tri atomic
C. mono atomic D. None of above