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41 . In a Functional organization
A. There are specialist advisers having no authority
B. The organization is divided into functions with specialists having authority.
C. The entire organization is divided into functions with specific role for specialists
D. There are no advisers, the executive alone having the authority and competence

42 . Delegation of authority is linked to
A. Management control
B. Managerial planning
C. Scientific management
D. Management coordination

43 . Organisation Theory deals with
A. Industrial relations
B. Incentives and wage policy
C. Structure of an organisation
D. Forms of business organisation

44 . The main advantage of functional organisation is
A. Simplicity B. Experience
C. Expert advice D. Specialisation

45 . Scalar principle of organisation implies that
A. line of authority is defined clearly
B. all subordinates have only one supervisor
C. the subordinates need not necessarily have a supervisor
D. manager can directly supervise only a limited number of persons