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36 . Which one of the following is the oldest form of organization?
A. Departmentation
B. Staff organization
C. Functional organization
D. Line and Staff organization

37 . The potential disadvantage of MBO is
A. The additional commitment to the organisation
B. Its over-emphasis on production and productivity
C. The absence of short-term and long-term planning
Its inability to control progress of work and achievement of results

38 . In line and staff organisation, the authority lies in
A. Line B. Staff
C. Both line and staff D. None of the above

39 . Which of the following functions is known as the essence of management?
A. Control B. Planning
C. Organising D. Co-ordinating

40 . TQM's major emphasis is on
A. Product quality
B. Customer delight
C. Employee training
D. Company profitability