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31 . Decentralisation of an organization is commanded on account of which of the following advantages?
A. Executive development
B. Improvement of morale
C. Reduced burden on top executives
D. All of the above

32 . 'Matrix organisation' refers to a term of
A. Organisation where authority and responsibility coexist
B. Mathematical arrangement of events in columns and rows
C. Organisation in which two or more basic types of departmentation are combined
D. None of the above

33 . Which one of the following formulae is used to calculate "Cross Relationship" under span of control?
A. n (2n/2 + n -1) B. n (2n/2 - 1)
C. n (n - 1) D. None of the above

34 . Which of the following is not an advantage of MBO?
A. Self control
B. Better appraisal
C. Employee commitment
D. Success without planning

35 . Motivational process and not the motivators as such is associated with the
A. ERG Theory
B. Two-factor theory
C. Expectancy theory
D. Need hierarchy theory