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21 . Repeated use plans or standing plans include
A. Rules
B. Objectives and policies
C. Procedures and methods
D. All of the above

22 . Span of controls means that -
A. A manager can supervise only a limited number of subordinates
B. An organization consists of various departments
C. Each person's authority is clearly defined
D. Every subordinate has one superior

23 . If the span of control is narrow, a number of managers would be required in each unit of the organization and there would be many managerial levels or layers, such an organizational structure is refer
A. Tall structure B. Flat structure
C. Matrix structure D. Project structure

24 . The famous book 'General and Industrial Management' was written by
A. Maslow B. Elton Mayo
C. Henri Fayol D. Oliver Sheldon

25 . Which of the following is not true in respect of planning?
A. Planning is forward-looking
B. Planning is an intellectual activity
C. Planning is related to objectives
D. Planning function is not performed by the top management