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166 . Father of the human relation approach was
A. Elton Mayo B. P.F. Drucker
C. Abraham Maslow D. Douglas Mc Gregor

167 . Which is not a 'Theory of Leadership'?
A. Functional theory
B. Accounting theory
C. The life cycle theory
D. Interactionistic theory

168 . Which is/are the 'Theories of learning'?
A. Theory of conditioning
B. Stimulus response theory
C. Operational conditioning theory
D. All of the above

169 . Who describes the classical approach as the engineering approach?
A. Fayol B. Gulick
C. Urwick D. Mooney

170 . Which of the following is correct about "GRAPEVINE"?
A. It is the result of the social forces at work place
It is more common in times of high organisational commitment
C. It tends to exist when member of formal group know one another well
D. All of the above