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1 . Overall and strategic planning is done by the
A. Top management
B. Middle level management
C. Supervisory level management
D. None of these

2 . Consider the following statements : - Planning involves
A. Choice among alternative courses of action
B. Forecasting
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. Decision only by production manager 

3 . If a general manager asks the sales manager to recruit some salesman on his behalf, it is an instance of
A. Division of authority
B. Delegation of authority
C. Delegation of responsibility
D. Decentralisation of authority

4 . An organisation structure is effective if it enables individuals to contribute to the objectives of the enterprise. This is known as
A. Scalar principle
B. Principle of unity of objectives
C. Principle of functional definition
D. None of the above

5 . While delegating, a superior delegates
A. Only authority
B. Authority and responsibility
C. Authority, responsibility and accountability
D. Authority and responsibility but not accountability