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16 . A market in which only two firms exist is
A. Duopoly B. Oligopoly
C. Duopsony D. Oligopsony

17 . Value maximization theory fails to address the problem of
A. risk
B. uncertainty
C. sluggish growth
D. self-serving management

18 . Selling costs have to be incurred in case of
A. Perfect competition
B. Imperfect competition
C. Monopolistic competition
D. None of these

19 . Which type of competition leads to exploitation of consumer?
A. Oligopoly
B. Monopoly
C. Monopolistic competition
D. All of the above

20 . The equilibrium is unstable and indeterminate under
A. Pareto Model B. Sweezy Model
C. Cournot Model D. Edgeworth model