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181 . In case of utility theory, as income increases, marginal utility of money
A. Remains constant B. Increases
C. Decreases D. None of these

182 . When the demand of a commodity also depends upon prices of the substitutes & complementaries or relative prices then it is called
A. Price-demand B. Cross-Demand
C. Income-Demand D. None of the above

183 . Which one of the following is not a common property of an indifference curve
A. Two indifference curves can intersect each other
B. Convex to the origin
C. Downward sloping
D. None of the above

184 . The appropriate objective of an enterprise is
A. Maximisation of profits
B. Maximisation of sales
C. Maximisation of owner's wealth
D. None of the above

185 . Positive income effect is greater than negative substitution effect in case of
A. Giffen goods B. Luxury goods
C. Normal goods D. Inferior goods