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31 . Aurobindo was the author of
A. Discovery of India
B. Hindu view of life
C. HindYogashastrau view of life
D. Savitri

32 . Who directed the film 'Sardar'?
A. Das Gupta B. Shyam Benegal
C. Tapan Sinha D. Ketan Mehta

33 . Who said "God helps those who help themselves"?
A. Andre Maurois
B. Andre Gide
Algernon Sidney
D. Swami Vivekananda

34 . The film 'Salaam Bombay' was directed by
A. Shyam Benegal B. Mira Nair
C. Aparna Sen D. Mrinal Sen

35 . 'Alice in Wonderland' the famous TV serial is based on a book written by
A. Father Discoste B. Thomas Hardy
C. Charles Dickens D. Lewis Caroll