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16 . The number of thermal power plants situated in India is
A. 109 B. 208
C. 290 D. 310

17 . Which one of the following is correctly matched?
A. Producer - Deer
B. Primary consumer - Leopard
C. Secondary consumer - Grass
D. Decomposer - Bacteria

18 . The deciduous trees will:
A. synthesise their own food
B. depend on others for their food
C. shed their leaves every year
D. not lose their leaves

19 . Which method of water purification does not kill microorganisms?
A. Boiling B. Filtration
C. Chlorination D. UV-irradiation

20 . Nitric oxide pollution can lead to all of the following, except
A. leaf spotting in plants
B. bronchitis-related respiratory problems in human
C. production of corrosive gases
D. silicosis in human