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11 . Which of the following was not one of the important port towns of the cholas?
A. Korkai B. Mahabalipuram
C. Kaveripattinam D. Masula

12 . National Biodiversity Authority is located at:
A. Punducherry B. Mangalore
C. Hyderabad D. Chennai

13 . What causes dough (a mixture of flour, water, etc.) to rise when yeast is added to it?
A. An increase in the temperature
B. An increae in the amount of the substance
C. An increase in the number of yeast cells
D. Release of carbon dioxide gas

14 . The rapidly growing mass of phytoplankton covering the surface water of a lake or pound is known as:
A. Water pollution B. Water hyacinth
C. Eutrophication D. Water bloom

15 . Biodiversity is richer in:
A. tropical regions B. polar regions
C. temperate regions D. oceans