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21 . In India, Credit Rating Agencies are regulated by:
C. Ministry of Finance
D. National Statistical Organisation (NSO)

22 . Which among the following accounts are allowed to be operated by cheques?
A. Current Account and Loan Account
B. Savings and Current Account
C. Fixed Deposit Account and Loan Account
D. Savings Account and Fixed Deposit Account

23 . An adjustable-rate mortgage loan in which the borrower pays a very low initial interest rate, which increases after a few years is referred to as:
A. Soft Loan
B. Teaser Loan
C. Promo Loan D. Early Bird Loan

24 . The ownership structure of Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) comprises of:
A. Central Govt., State Govt. and Sponsor Bank
B. Sponsor Bank, Reserve Bank of India and NABARD
C. Central Govt., State Govt., Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
D. Sponsor Bank, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and State Govt.

25 . What does letter ‘U’ stand for in abbreviation ‘ULIP’?
A. Unit B. Urban
C. Unified D. Underwriting