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1 . In which year, the first bank of India "Bank of Hindustan" was established ?
A. 1770 B. 1775
C. 1780 D. 1785

2 . Which among the following are the correct locations of three presidency banks during British India?
A. Surat, Madras, Bombay
B. Surat, Calcutta, Madras
C. Bombay, Surat, Calcutta
D. Calcutta, Madras, Bombay

3 . Which of the following is the oldest Joint Stock Bank of India?
A. Bank of India B. Patiala Bank
C. Bank of Baroda D. Allahabad Bank

4 . Under which kind of banking, the purchasing through net banking comes?
A. M-commerce B. P-commerce 
C. Online banking D. Offline banking

5 . What is the full form of MIBOR?
A. Mobile Inter Bank Offered Rate 
B. Minimum Instruction Board of Resources
C. Money International Banking Organization Research
D. None of these