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6 . Cost of capital is helpful in corporative analysis of various
A. Product B. Source of Finance
C. Source of Material D. Source of Services

7 . Which one of the following is not used to estimate cost of equity capital?
A. External yield criterion
B. Capital asset pricing model
C. Dividend plus growth rate
D. Equity capitalisation approach

8 . Cost of capital from all the sources of funds is called
A. Implicit Cost B. Specific cost
C. Composite cost D. Simple Average Cost

9 . The concept of present value is based on the
A. Principle of compound
B. Principle of discounting
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. None of the above

10 . Which of the following term is used to represent the proportionate relationship between debt and equity?
A. Cost of capital B. Capital structure
C. Assets Structure D. Capital Budgeting