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1 . The assets of a business can be classified as
A. Only fixed assets
B. Only current assets
C. Fixed and current assets
D. None of the above

2 . What is customer value?
A. Post purchase dissonance
B. Excess of satisfaction over expectation
C. Ratio between the customer's perceived benefits and the resources used to obtained these benefits
D. None of the above

3 . The cost of capital method includes
A. dividend yield method
B. earning yield method
C. growth in dividend method
D. all of the above

4 . Which method does not consider the time value of money
A. Profitability Index
B. Net present value
C. Average rate of return
D. Internal Rate of Return

5 . Risk in capital budgeting implies that the decision maker knows __________ of the cash flows.
A. Probability B. Variability
C. Certainity D. None of these