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26 . A body is subjected to a tensile stress of 1200 MPa on one plane and another tensile stress of 600 MPa on a plane at right angles to the former. It is also subjected to a shear stress of 400 MPa on th
A. 400 MPa
B. 500 MPa
C. 900 MPa
D. 1400 MPa

27 . The stress induced in a body, when suddenly loaded, is __________ the stress induced when the same load is applied gradually.
A. equal to
B. one-half
C. twice
D. four times

28 . A masonry dam may fail due to
A. tension in the masonry of the dam and its base
B. overturning of the dam
C. crushing of masonry at the base of the dam
D. any one of the above

29 . The maximum diameter of the hole that can be punched from a plate of maximum shear stress 1/4th of its maximum crushing stress of punch, is equal to (where t = Thickness of the plate)
A. t
B. 2t
C. 4t
D. 8t

30 . Two closely coiled helical springs 'A' and 'B' are equal in all respects but the number of turns of spring 'A' is half that of spring 'B' The ratio of deflections in spring 'A' to spring 'B' is
A. 1/8
B. 1/4
C. 1/2
D. 2