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91 . The specific heat of water is
A. 1.817
B. 2512
C. 4.187
D. none of these

92 . Stirling and Ericsson cycles are
A. reversible cycles
B. irreversible cycles
C. semi-reversible cycles
D. quasi-static cycles

93 . When lettering a CAD drawing, for clarity you should limit the number of fonts to:
A. One B. Two
C. Three D. Any number

94 . The primary unit of measurement for engineering drawings and design in the mechanical industries is the:
A. Millimeter B. Centimeter
C. Meter D. Kilometer

95 . These units are based on inch-foot and yard measurements:
A. International customary units
B. U.S. metric units
C. U.S. customary units
D. ISO international units