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81 . The ratio of specific heat at constant pressure (cp) and specific heat at constant volume (cv) is
A. equal to one
B. less than one
C. greater than one
D. none of these

82 . Carbonisation of coal consists of
A. drying and crushing the coal to a fine powder
B. moulding the finely ground coal under pressure with or without a binding material
C. heating the wood with a limited supply of air to temperature not less than 280°C
D. none of the above

83 . If the value of n = 0 in the equation pvn = C, then the process is called
A. constant volume process
B. adiabatic process
C. constant pressure process
D. isothermal process

84 . Which of the following is correct?
A. Absolute pressure = Gauge pressure + Atmospheric pressure
B. Gauge pressure = Absolute pressure + Atmospheric pressure
C. Atmospheric pressure = Absolute pressure + Gauge pressure
D. Absolute pressure = Gauge pressure - Atmospheric pressure

85 . The distillation carried out in such a way that the liquid with the lowest boiling point is first evaporated and recondensed, then the liquid with the next higher boiling point is then evaporated and
A. cracking
B. carbonisation
C. fractional distillation
D. full distillation