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16 . The attraction between the nucleus and valence electron of copper atom is
A. zero
B. weak
C. strong
D. either zero or strong

17 . If the temperature of an extrinsic semiconductor is increased so that the intrinsic carrier concentration is doubled, then
A. the majority carrier density is doubled
B. the minority carrier density is doubled
C. the minority carrier density becomes 4 times the original value
D. both the majority and minority carrier densities double

18 . The units of μ0 and μr are
H/m for both

B. H/m for μr and no units for μ0
C. H/m for μ0 and no units for μr
D. Wb/m for μ0 and no units for μr

19 . Hydrogen is used in
A. large size transformers
C. large size generators
D. circuit breakers

20 . An RLC series circuit is underdamped. To make it overdamped, the value of R
A. has to be increased
B. has to be decreased
C. has to be increased to infinity
D. has to be reduced to zero