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6 . The number of valence electrons in pentavalent impurity is
A. 5 B. 4
C. 3 D. 1

7 . If the diameter of a wire is doubled, its current carrying capacity becomes
A. one-fourth
B. half
C. twice
D. four times

8 . The law J = σE, where J is current density, σ is electrical conductivity and E is field strength is
A. Ohm's law
B. Gauss law
C. Ampere's law
D. Biot-Savart law

9 . Material which lack permanent magnetic dipoles are known as
A. paramagnetic
B. diamagnetic
C. ferromagnetic
D. ferrimagnetic

10 . A parallel plate capacitor has its length, width and separation doubled. It fringing effects are neglected, to keep the capacitance same, the dielectric constant must be
A. halved
B. kept the same
C. doubled
D. made 4 times