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41 . The exterior angle between outer faces of a wall, is known as
A. turn
B. junction
C. quion
D. all the above.

42 . In jack arch floor, the rise is kept
A. 1/6th of the span
B. 1/8th of the span
C. 1/10th of the span
D. 1/12th of the span

43 . While designing a stair, the product of rise and going is approximately kept equal to
A. 350 B. 420
C. 450 D. 500

44 . For constructing a terrazo floor. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following :
A. a base course is prepared as in cement concrete flooring
B. a 32 mm thick layer of cement concrete (1 : 2 : 4) is laid on the base course and the surface is made smooth by trowelling
C. glass strips are driven into the layer according to the pattern required
D. after final grinding is over, oxalic acid mixed with water is spread over and rubbed hard with soft material

45 . The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of the unit mass of gas through one degree at constant volume, is called
A. specific heat at constant volume
B. specific heat at constant pressure
C. kilo Joule
D. none of these