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6 . Ultimate strength to cement is provided by
A. Tricalcium silicate
B. Di-calcium silicate
C. Tri-calcium aluminate
D. Tetra calcium alumino ferrite.

7 . Elastomers can extend upto
A. five times their original dimensions
B. seven times their original dimensions
C. ten times their original dimensions
D. three times their original dimensions.

8 . Bitumen felt
A. is used as water proofing material
B. is used as damp proofing material
C. is made from bitumen and hessian fibres
D. all the above.

9 . In the method of condensation polymerization,
A. low-molecular substances are removed from the high molecular substance
B. the reaction proceeds with an evolution of ammonia
C. the reaction proceeds with an evolution of hydrogen chloride
D. all the above.

10 . In the cement the compound quickest to react with water, is
A. Tricalcium aluminate
B. Tetra-calcium alumino-ferrite
C. Tricalcium silicate
D. Dicalcium silicate.