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26 . Foot valves provided in pumps are __________ valves.
A. relief
B. three/four way
C. pressure reducing
D. directional control

27 . At high Reynolds number
A. inertial forces control and viscous forces are unimportant.
B. viscous forces predominate.
C. inertial forces are unimportant and viscous forces control.
D. none of these.

28 . Power loss in an orificemeter is __________ that in a venturimeter.
A. less than
B. same as
C. more than
D. data insufficient, cannot be predicted

29 . The terminal velocity of a particle moving through a fluid varies as dpn. What is the value of n' for Newton's law regime ?
A. 0.5
B. 1
C. 1.5
D. 3

30 . A particle A of diameter 10 microns settles in an oil of specific gravity 0.9 and viscosity 10 poise under Stoke's law. A particle B with diameter 20 microns settling in the same oil will have a settl
A. same as that of A.
B. one fourth as that of A.
C. twice as that of A.
D. four times as that of A.