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21 . Teachers use teaching aids for
A. The sake of its use.
B. Making teaching interesting.
C. Making student attentive.
D. Making teaching with understanding level of students.

22 . How a teacher should behave with the students
A. Friend B. Father
C. Leader D. General

23 . If a girl student requests you to collect her posts at your address what would you like to do in this case?
A. As a teacher you will allow her
B. You will never allow her suspecting a foul game
C. You will permit her because you may get in touch with her
D. You would not give permission as it is against your own principles

24 . The most important task is teaching is
A. Directing students in the development of experience
B. Making monthly reports and maintaining records
C. Making assignments and hearing recitations
D. None of these

25 . The most accurate statement about teaching machines is that
A. They can be used for all learning programmes
B. B.F. Skinner began the movement for their use
C. They are not as efficient as teachers in reinforcing responses
D. They were designed as an economy measure to replace teachers



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