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11 . The major responsibility with which the school personnel have been entrusted is that
A. It makes the child able to get job
B. It harmonizes the child’s need and demands of the society both
C. It prepares the school programme according to the need of the child
D. All of these

12 . One of your students wants to share his problems with you. He visits your house for the same. In such a condition ou should
A. Suggest him to escape from his family.
B. Extend necessary co-operation and boost his Morale.
C. Contact the students parent and solve the problem.
D. None of these

13 . For better interaction with the students, the teachers objective should be the
A. Proximity
B. Affirm or correct student performance
C. Equitable distribution of response time
D. All of these

14 . Which of the following is quality of a teacher?
A. He should know the child psychology
B. He should be trained to various teaching methodologies
C. He presenting the subject matter in an effective manner with clear explaining leading to better understanding of the matter
D. All of these

15 . In ancient education system, teachers applied some psychological principles in education especially to young child from pre-school age to adolescence. They recognize the role of
A. Sense and perception in teaching and learning
B. Convent system of schooling
C. Gurukul type of education
D. All Of These



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