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6 . A teacher generally asks questions to his pupils during the lecture, why?
A. To help the students
B. To know, which student is brilliant one?
C. Are students listening the lecture attentively?
D. To know whether the students are understanding the lecture or not.

7 . A competent teacher must have a sound knowledge in right order
A. Theory, Research, Concept and Practice
B. Concept, Theory, Practice and Research
C. Research, Practice, Concept and Theory
D. Practive, Concept, Theory and Research

8 . In the final analysis, teaching must be thought of mainly as a process of
A. Hearing recitation of Pupils
B. Directing the activities of Pupils
C. Asking questions and evaluating the Learning
D. All of these

9 . A teacher commands prestige,authority esteem and respect. He should make use of it through suggestion. He should not try to command respect through
A. Tact
B. Experience
C. Scholarship
D. Punishing and creating revolting situation

10 . A teacher is successful only if he
A. Is approachable
B. Produces cent percent result
C. Knows his subject thoroughly well
D. Publishes papers in journals of Repute



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