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1 . A successful teacher is one who is
A. Quite and reactive
B. Passive and active
C. Tolerant and dominating
D. Compassionate and disciplinarian

2 . Teachers should study the educational philosophy because
A. They do not know it
B. They do not have their won Philosophy
C. Philosophy is the backbone of all disciplines
D. They may improve their work by clarifying their own Philosophy

3 . Why should you prefer teaching to other profession?
A. For love of teaching
B. For love to young (Youth)
C. For the service of humanity
D. For mastery over the subject of teaching

4 . The best way by a teacher to introduce a new subject by
A. Relating it to daily life situation
B. Giving a broad outline of the subject
C. Relating it to previously studied subject or course material
D. Any of these

5 . As a teacher you should not demand your pupils which is beyond their stage of growth. If you do so, it only causes
A. Frustrations
B. Encouragement for more learning
C. Frustrations, Heighten Tension and Nervousness
D. None of these



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