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16 . Which of the following statement is not correct?
A. Lecture Method is one way process
B. Lecture Method can develop reasoning
C. Lecture Method can develop knowledge
D. During Lecture Method students are passive

17 . The main objective of teaching at Higher Education Level is:
A. To give new information
B. To prepare students to pass examination
C. To develop the capacity to take decisions
D. To motivate students to ask questions during lecture

18 . Which of the following statement is correct?
A. Validity ensures reliability
B. Reliability ensures validity
C. Reliability does not depend on objectivity
D. Reliability and validity are independent of each other

19 . Which of the following indicates evaluation?
A. Ram got 45 marks out of 200
B. Mohan got 38 percent marks in English
C. Shyam got First Division in final examination
D. All the above

20 . Teacher uses visual-aids to make learning:
A. simple B. quicker
C. interesting D. more knowledgeable



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