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1 . The main purpose of the supervision of teaching should be the
A. Achievement of success in examination
B. Proper utilization of school facilities
C. Carrying out of the curriculum
D. Advacement of pupil welfare

2 . Supervision sould be primarily
A. Constructive and creative
B. Preventive and corrective
C. Construction and critical
D. Prevtive and critical

3 . The basic purpose of supervision is to help
A. Teachers in dealing pupils
B. Children learn more effectively
C. Teachers in improving methods
D. Teachers in understanding pupil

4 . The elementary school teachers are directly responsible to the
A. Headmaster B. Parents
C. Students D. None of these

5 . The criticism most frequently leveled at school administration is that:
A. They like praise
B. They are to lazy
C. They do not know teacher
D. They fail to provide leadership



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