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21 . Books and records are the primary sources of data in:
A. clinical research
B. historical research
C. laboratory research
D. participatory research

22 . Which of the following statement is correct?
A. objectives should be pin-pointed
B. another word for problem is variable
C. objectives can be written in statement or question form
D. all the above

23 . The important pre-requisites of a researcher in sciences, social sciences and humanities are
A. laboratory skills, records, supervisor, topic
B. supervisor, topic, critical analysis, patience
C. archives, supervisor, topic, flexibility in thinking
D. topic, supervisor, good temperament, pre-conceived notions

24 . Which of the following options are the main tasks of research in modern society?
A. to discover new things
B. to keep pace with the advancement in knowledge
C. to systematically examine and critically analyse the investigations/sources with objectivity
D. all of the above

25 . What do you consider as the main aim of inter disciplinary research?
A. To over simplify the problem of research
B. To bring out holistic approach to research
C. To create a new trend in research methodology
D. To reduce the emphasis of single subject in research domain



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