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11 . The longitudinal approach of research deals with _________.
A. Short-term researches
B. Long-term researches
C. Horizontal researches
D. None of the above

12 . Dramaturgical interviewing is carried out through ________
A. Debating B. Sampling
C. Case study D. Role playing

13 . The word 'Anusandhan' implies _________
A. Goal Orientation
B. Following an aim
C. Attaining an aim
D. Praying to achieve an aim

14 . Survey research studies _________
A. Events B. Processes
C. Populations D. Circumstances

15 . Evaluation research is concerned with ___________
A. Why are we doing?
B. What are we doing?
C. How well are we doing?
D. None of the above



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